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Media Machine (Help Topics)

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Mac OS (The Computer and its Settings)

How do I change my display settings?

Within the Sys­tems Pref­er­ence Panel, locate the ‘Dis­plays’ Icon.

Here, you can change the dis­play settings:

Can I add a printer?

This depends on a num­ber of fac­tors, which may even require Creative Ministries to add it for you.

Please find the IP address of your printer (you may need to con­tact ISG), then give us a call or email.


How do I change the Media Pro Account password?

Within the Sys­tems Pref­er­ences Panel, locate the ‘Users & Groups’ icon.

In here, under Media Pro, you will find a ‘Change Pass­word’ Button.

Follow the instructions to change your password.

Note: Ensure you keep this pass­word some­where secure as we can­not recover for­got­ten passwords.


Is there a user manual for ProPresenter?

Yes, click here to down­load a full and detailed user man­ual from Renewed Vision.

How do I import a Powerpoint presentation into ProPresenter?

Pro­P­re­sen­ter can play native Pow­er­point pre­sen­ta­tions from a playlist.

Sim­ply drag the .pptx Powerpoint File file from Finder into your playlist.

When you play the pre­sen­ta­tion, it will open in Pow­er­point's "Pre­sen­ter View."

How do I install a Bible version?

You’ll note that from within Pro­P­re­sen­ter you can pur­chase and install var­i­ous ver­sions of the Bible, sav­ing time in typ­ing out and cre­at­ing Bible slides from scratch.

How­ever, the bibles need to be installed by CMD within the Admin account. Please con­tact us to arrange a time to do this.

ProPresenter keeps asking to update - what should I do?

Pro Pre­sen­ter 6 will still func­tion as it does with­out updat­ing, so you can ‘Skip this ver­sion’ if it says an update is avail­able.

If there is an update that you wish to have installed. Please con­tact us at CMD and we can do this for you.


Where can I find the new Songbook?

Click here to down­load the Song Book for ProPresenter.

How can I play Youtube videos?

YouTube does not work well within Pro­P­re­sen­ter due to the way the YouTube web­site works. You can read more about why here.

One solution is to click and drag a web browser win­dow onto your pro­jec­tor dis­play and load it in full screen. This can present a risk, as you are rely­ing on live con­tent that you have lit­tle con­trol over (loading/buffering etc).

The best way to play a YouTube clip is to con­tact the con­tent cre­ator directly and request a file copy that you can use. You must make sure that you are not using copyrighted material without the proper permission. Click here to read more about copyright.